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Waffle House hero: I haven't heard from Trump
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The donations keep pouring in to Waffle House hero James Shaw Jr.’s campaign to help victims of last month’s shooting.

Shaw says all the proceeds from his GoFundMe campaign, more than $231,000 and climbing, will go to the families of the victims of the April 22 shooting at an Antioch, Tennessee, Waffle House.

More than 6,300 people have donated to the campaign, raising more than 15 times Shaw’s original goal of $15,000.

Four people were killed after a gunman stormed into the Waffle House early that morning, firing an assault-style rifle. Shaw, whose heroism may have prevented further deaths, says he just wants to help out the victims in some way.

“I know that the money is not going to do anything for the actual loss of life,” he told CNN’s Van Jones. “But it can be something like a gesture just to help that family to try to get through this tough time.”

Shaw was eating at the restaurant that night and became an instant hero after he charged the alleged gunman, Travis Reinking, and wrestled the rifle away from him.

“I figured if I was going to die, he was going to have to work for it,” Shaw said after the shooting.

He says he charged after Reinking paused firing. The barrel of the gun was so hot it burned him.

“I just want to be put out there like a regular person,” Shaw told CNN’s Anderson Cooper last month. Maybe then if people find themselves in dangerous situations, they’ll find “that same thing within them that they can project out,” he said.

Shaw’s alma mater, Tennessee State University, is setting up a scholarship fund in his name. Tennessee lawmakers also passed a joint resolution hailing Shaw’s courageous actions.

“No matter his motivations, Mr. Shaw is indeed a hero; his actions on that fateful morning are unfathomable to most, indescribable by even the chief of police, and very poignant to the citizens of Nashville, who are deeply grateful for his brave actions in the face of extreme adversity that saved many lives,” the joint resolution said.

CNN’s Elliot C. McLaughlin and Holly Yan contributed to this report.