Zakaria: Trump has proved Iran's hardliners right

TRUMP RALLY UPDATE: VP Pence to Join, New Venue Announced President Trump will encourage Hoosiers to help expand GOP majority in Senate mid-terms New York, NY -- Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. announced today that Vice President Mike Pence is now scheduled to join President Trump at a campaign rally on Thursday, May 10 in Elkhart, Indiana. The location was just changed to accommodate more Hoosiers at the rally. Michael S. Glassner, Chief Operating Officer of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., stated, "No Hoosier rally would be complete without Vice President Mike Pence. We are delighted the Vice President can join President Trump Thursday to celebrate the booming economy that's helping families throughout Indiana. President Trump will also use the rally to remind voters of their unique opportunity to support his America First agenda with an expanded GOP majority in the Senate mid-term elections this fall by replacing Senator Joe Donnelly with our GOP nominee," he concluded. EVENT DETAILS AND REGISTRATION Thursday, May 10th, 2018, 7:00 PM (ET): Elkhart, IN

(CNN)Iran is a repressive and anti-American regime that has spread its influence in the Middle East, often to America's detriment. But it is also an ancient civilization, with centuries of power and influence in the region. The notion that the United States could solve all of its problems with Tehran by toppling the regime is fanciful. It has withstood US pressure and sanctions for nearly four decades. And even if it were somehow possible to topple it, look around. The lesson of the past two decades in the Middle East is surely that regime change leads to chaos, war, refugee flows, sectarian strife and more. It opens a Pandora's box in a land already rife with woes.