CNN Privacy and Cookies Policy

Updated: August 14, 2020
WarnerMedia ("we", "us", "our") is a leading media and entertainment group of companies. This Privacy Policy explains what personal information WarnerMedia companies collect, use, share and otherwise process about individuals ("you") interacting with our Offerings ("Information"). If you interact with our Offerings in the United States, please navigate to the relevant website or app in the United States to review the applicable Privacy Policy. Also, this Privacy Policy does not apply to Digital Services that are online services targeted at children.
The WarnerMedia family is made up of a number of different legal entities and business units. In this Privacy Policy, the "Controller" of your Information means the company that decides the purposes for which it is processed and how it is processed. Which WarnerMedia company is the Controller in relation to the processing of your Information will depend on which Offering you are using; it will often be the WarnerMedia company responsible for providing that Offering, as may be set out in our terms and conditions.
In some circumstances, more than one Controller may be responsible for processing your Information, for example, where Information is shared with other WarnerMedia companies for a purpose set out in this Privacy Policy. Please see our B2C WarnerMedia Controller List for more details. If you still have questions about who is the relevant Controller, please contact us using one of the methods set out below.
Under the laws of some countries outside the European Economic Area, we may need your consent to our processing of your Information set forth in this Privacy Policy. Subject to any indications you may give us to the contrary, such as opting out or not opting in if asked, and where permitted by law, by providing Information or otherwise interacting with our Offerings, you consent to our use of Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.



Please read this policy carefully. It explains the types of Information we may collect about you, the purposes for and methods by which we collect it, and (where applicable) the lawful basis on which we do so, as well as information about data retention, your rights and how to contact us. This Privacy Policy covers both our online and offline data processing activities, including Information that we collect through our various Offerings such as those set out below:
Digital Services:
  • WarnerMedia websites, including activities run through our websites, such as surveys, research studies, focus group tests, promotions, competitions and prize-draws, purchases within our services, calls to action for user-generated content ("UGC") and subscribing for newsletters;
  • Mobile apps, including activities run through our apps, such as those listed for our websites;
  • Subscription services or other streaming services offered by WarnerMedia to consumers and services where you receive our audio-visual content through our websites, mobile apps and/or via a service provided by a third party, such as an internet service provider, pay TV platform or mobile phone operator;
  • Console games; and
  • Our fan pages/channels/accounts on third party social networks (e.g. official pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
Offline Services:
  • Studio tours;
  • Attractions and exhibitions (e.g. theme parks, marketing activations at conventions or other public places, in person VR experiences) operated by a WarnerMedia company; and
  • Events you attend as a consumer or guest (as opposed to in a business capacity) such as film premieres, marketing and influencer events, focus group or user tests and private events held at our premises or studios under hire.
Please note that we may combine Information that we collect via one source (e.g. a WarnerMedia website) with Information we collect via another source (e.g. a mobile app), including with Information possibly collected by a different WarnerMedia company or a third party (as further described below). Please also note our Offline Services may involve you interacting with our Digital Services and vice-versa, for example, where you book a studio tour or your participation to a marketing event through a WarnerMedia website. Certain WarnerMedia Offerings (for example, some WarnerMedia branded theme parks, online stores, and in-app purchases) are not operated by WarnerMedia but by a third party licensee or the app store; any processing of your personal information by such a licensee or app store is not subject to this Privacy Policy, so please check carefully whether the relevant terms and conditions refer to a WarnerMedia company or not.


We collect, use, share and otherwise process the following categories of Information:
1) Information we may collect from you:
  • Registration, account, and sign-up Information, including information about you when you register or sign up with us for one of our Offerings (e.g. name, username, password, email, contact details, date of birth or age, interest in our content, etc.).
  • Information about your purchase of an Offering, including relevant payment information (e.g. credit card information). We may also process Information about trial periods, redemptions of rewards or promotions, periods without an active subscription, payment history and any missed payments.
  • Information about your use of, or participation in an Offering, including information about whether you have opened an email we have sent you, how you (including any account you use) interact with a Digital Service, content that you have viewed or posted, advertisements you have interacted with, games you have played and the level you reached, your preferences and interest in and use of various features, programs, services and content available on a Digital Service. This may also include demographic information, including at an individual or household level.
  • Information you provide when participating in consumer surveys, research studies or focus group tests, including online or written replies and where applicable the recording of your audio or video interviews.
  • Entries to promotions, competitions, prize-draws or calls to action, including images, videos and text.
  • Camera access, including where for some Digital Services, we ask for permission to access your device's camera. If you grant permission, you may be able to take pictures or video within the app experience, to send them to us, or to access certain augmented reality ("AR") features. Some of these features may rely on camera systems to track movements of your eyes and other facial features or your immediate surroundings to apply AR effects.
  • Sensitive data, including where you choose to share Information as part of one of our Offerings, or where you provide Information during one of our surveys or feedback sessions, including, where permitted by applicable law, information relating to your physical or mental health, race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life or sexual orientation, or your political beliefs. In some Offerings that include dynamic entertainment features, we may with your consent and in accordance with applicable law, collect information such as via facial scanning, eye tracking, or skin response that may be considered biometric.
  • Information about your social media engagement, including your interactions with our fan pages/channels/accounts in third party communities, forums, and social media sites, services, plug-ins, and applications ("Social Media Sites"). This may include posts, your 'likes' and other user-generated content that you may provide, as well as details about yourself such as your name, user ID, profile photo, birthday, and, where you allow us to, lists of friends and people you follow. For information about how you can customize your privacy settings on Social Media Sites, and how those Social Media Sites handle your personal information and content, please refer to their privacy help guides, privacy policies, and terms of use.
  • Information shared on WarnerMedia public or community forums, including where you share photos, letters, videos or comments, while participating in online forums. Depending on your privacy settings, this Information or content and your username may become public on the Internet or within a community of users. We cannot prevent further use of this Information once you share it in a publicly available or community forum. Please refer to the specific forum's privacy policies for further information on how they handle your Information.
  • Information about your location, including where it is derived from device information (such as an IP address or country code), your device's interactions with our Digital Services, or, with your consent, Information about your device's precise location (e.g. geolocation via mobile devices).
  • Event Information, including images and clips, whether captured via a booth or by other means by us or a third party on our behalf, and other Information relating to the organisation and management of an event, such as food allergies and other individual requirements.
  • Technical/usage Information from your device, including the type of device, browser, unique device identifier, operating system, internet provider, mobile device identifier and/or mobile advertising identifier, connected device identifier (including that of a connected television), IP address, network attributes, television device and application attributes and settings, and other device or browser attributes and settings.