Nipah virus claims three lives in India, more than 40 being tested

A deadly virus carried by fruit bats has killed at least three people in southern India.

New Delhi (CNN)Three people in the southern Indian state of Kerala have died of the Nipah virus.

Two brothers in their late 20s and their aunt, 50, died from the virus in Kozikhode district, according to Dr. Reena KJ, the state's assistant director of public health.
The father of the two men, 56, is currently on life support and in a "delirious state," said Reena.
Officials in Kerala inspect a well to catch bats that can carry the Nipah virus.
The virus, which can be spread by contact with animals or humans, can develop from headache and drowsiness to a coma within days, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Treatment is limited to supportive care.
The first death was reported Saturday, after which the country's health ministry and the World Health Organization were contacted, the office of Kerala chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, wrote in a tweet Monday.
A statewide alert has been given to remain vigilant and a 24-hour control room opened, added Vijayan.
Fluid samples have been taken from 14 people who visited the deceased in the hospital, along with 27 members of hospital staff who had come into contact with them during their treatment, according to Reena.