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Is there more to the story about fired House chaplain?
07:56 - Source: CNN
Washington CNN  — 

House Speaker Paul Ryan made the case Thursday for Catholicism as a faith that can help solve the country’s problems.

Ryan, who is Catholic, lamented at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast what he sees as a deepening sense of “identity politics and tribalism” in the country, as well as a trend of “moral relativism” that is becoming “more and more pervasive.”

“If there was ever a time, if there was ever a place where Catholics — from the clergy to the laity — are needed, it is here and it is now, helping solve this problem, addressing this challenge,” he said. “Our social doctrine is the perfect antidote to what ails our culture.”

His comments come just weeks after his office made headlines for forcing the resignation of a Catholic House chaplain over what was explained at the time to members as a decision based on feedback from members.