WWII cash hoard found under floor of Churchill's tailor

Builders stumbled upon a cache of wartime bills with a face value of £30,000 in the seaside city of Brighton in the UK.

(CNN)Construction workers in the UK have found wads of cash dating back to World War II at a shop that once belonged to a tailor beloved by Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine.

Stunned renovators pulled bundles of decaying, dirt-encrusted banknotes from their clandestine spot under a shop floor in the seaside city of Brighton in May.
The face value of the wartime pot totaled around £30,000 -- the equivalent of about £1.5 million (just over $2 million) today, once the Bank of England's official inflation rates have been factored in.
    Sussex police have since taken the moldy £1 and £5 notes for "safekeeping," a spokesperson told CNN. It wasn't immediately clear who owns the premises where the money was found.
    The site has since become a Cotswold Outdoor clothing retailer, but back between 1936 and 1973, it was a Bradleys Gowns store. Bradleys was a top London furrier and couturier set up in the 1860s.
    Howard Bradley is now the last remaining heir of the family name and the business, which has continued as a specialist dry cleaners in Milton Keynes, north of London.
    He told CNN he was "shocked" but "very excited" when first contacted by a local reporter and informed of the historic discovery.
    The recovered notes were removed for safekeeping by local police.
    Bradley said he thought the Brighton store would have been part of his family's company. "It seems likely. We had a few sub branches (outside London) back in the day," he said.
    He said his father, Eric, was one of the first to sign up to fight in the war -- enlisting for the British Royal Air Force the very day WWII was declared: September 3, 1939. It was also his 18th birthday.
    "He heard (the news) on the radio alone in the kitchen ... and thought, 'Right, I'm going to enlist.' "
    And while Eric was fighting in the deserts of North Africa, his brother Victor enlisted as a pilot.

    Family precautions