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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said there will be no sanctions relief for North Korea while it maintains nuclear weapons, contradicting North Korean state media who said it could take place “as progress is made.”

Pompeo made the statement during a news conference with the South Korean and Japanese foreign ministers in Seoul Thursday, 24 hours after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un touched down in Pyongyang, triumphant after his meeting with US President Donald Trump.

North Korean state media KCNA reported Wednesday that Trump had discussed lifting sanctions against Pyongyang during his talks with Kim in Singapore.

“The President of the US expressed the possibility of suspending the US - South Korea joint military exercises … and, as progress is made from dialogue and negotiations, lifting sanctions against DPRK,” state media said.

But Pompeo said Thursday that Trump had been very clear there would only be sanctions relief after “complete denuclearization.”

“He has said this from the very beginning, he said it again to Chairman Kim and he said it in his press conference following his meeting with Chairman Kim,” he told reporters.

Pompeo is on a tour of East Asia visiting with US allies and diplomatic partners to brief them on Trump’s talks. From South Korea, he’ll fly to China for meetings with top officials in Beijing later Thursday.