The Voynich manuscript: Will this medieval mystery ever be solved?

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  • The Voynich manuscript has been dated to the middle ages
  • It is written in incomprehensible text and has spawned countless theories as to its meaning and origins

(CNN)Naked women in pools of green liquid, strange looking plants, and text written in an unknown alphabet; they can all be found on the delicate parchment pages of a mysterious manuscript from the 15th century. And nobody knows what any of it means.

Frayed, browned and in fragile condition, the Voynich manuscript currently resides deep in a basement at Yale University's Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library but digitized copies of it are available for free online.
    Since it came to light over 100 years ago, many have tried and failed to decode the text -- from US Army cryptographers to ordinary citizens postulating theories in the deepest corners of Reddit.