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For the first time since his first week in office, 45% of Americans approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing in a new Gallup poll released Monday.

Trump’s average rating in Gallup’s weekly poll has been a less-than-robust 39%, but he’s been over 40% since April and his approval numbers are now in line with other recent past presidents at this stage of their times in office. (Barack Obama was at 46% approval in June of his second year as president, as was Bill Clinton. Ronald Reagan was at 45%.)

Now. That’s one poll. In a new CNN poll, Trump’s approval is at 39%, down from 41% last month. And it remains to be seen how the White House’s botched handling of the family separation crisis at the border will affect Trump’s numbers going forward – although it’s hard to imagine it won’t have an impact.

But the trend line is clear. According to Real Clear Politics’ polling average, Trump is at 44.3% approval as compared to 50.9% disapproval. The RCP numbers suggest Trump is in better shape – polling-wise – than at any time since the early part of his time in office.

Why? Likely some combination of the strengthening economy – as evidenced by lower unemployment numbers – and Trump’s high-profile summit in Singapore last week with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Regardless of the reason, Republicans – especially those on the ballot this fall – will take it. As recently as a few months ago, GOP strategists were openly acknowledging the size of the Democratic electoral wave that could crash down on their side if Trump remained mired in the mid-30s in approval scores.

The Point: This Trump bump might be temporary. But if his trend upward continues, what looked like a disastrous 2018 election for Republicans might not be all that bad.

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