Azadi Stadium: Iran women celebrate despite World Cup loss to Spain

    Am Iranian woman cheers for her national team during Wednesday's screening at Azadi Stadium.

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    • Spain 1-0 Iran
    • Iranian women allowed to enter stadium in Tehran

    (CNN)Iran may have suffered defeat in their second World Cup game at Russia 2018, but the occasion could yet prove to be a huge victory for Iranian women back home.

    The Iranian national team's official Twitter accounted posted a photo of a female football fan in the stands of the Azadi Stadium in Tehran, holding a flag as she watched her team play Spain via a broadcast. Iran lost a closely-fought game 1-0.
      Pictures from photo agencies show Iranian football fans -- both men and women -- arriving at the Azadi Stadium dressed in their national team's colors.
        Iranian women can be seen blowing horns, while others posed for a selfie to record the moment.
        Previously, Iran has banned women from watching men's sporting events and breaking the rules could result in arrest, fines or even imprisonment.
        According to the Twitter account of Tara Sepehri Far -- quoting Iranian news sources -- at one point the screening had been canceled.
          "But the doors are now open and screening will happen. Just unnecessary drama, anger and inconvenience for the fans who had bought tickets," tweeted Sepehri Far, who works as a Human Rights Watch (HRW) researcher.
          Iranian women cheer for their national team during the screening at Azadi stadium in the capital, Tehran.
          HRW has criticized the ban on women, which also runs counter to the FIFA statues, which prohibit gender discrimination. Article Four says discrimination of any kind is "punishable by suspension or expulsion."
          However, it remains to be seen whether Wednesday's event signals a permanent shift in allowing Iranian women to watch men's sporting events.