Woman's selfies capture moving lump on face: a parasite

A 32-year-old patient took selfies of a lump that shifted around her face.

Story highlights

  • In selfies, a woman documented a migrating lump on her face that turned out to be a parasitic worm
  • Humans are "accidental hosts" of the worm, which is often cured by surgical removal

(CNN)In selfies, a woman documented a lump under her skin for weeks before doctors were able to remove it -- and it didn't stay in one place, according to a case report in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The lump appeared after the unnamed woman, 32, visited a rural area outside Moscow. First, it was a small bump under her left eye. Five days later, it appeared above the eye. Her upper lip was bulging 10 days after that.
    Doctors ultimately gripped the bulge with forceps and, using local anesthesia, pulled out a parasitic worm known as Dirofilaria repens.