Danielle Goldstein on Lizziemary
Horse of a lifetime: Lizziemary
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With pink and purple feathers in her hair and a funky outfit, Danielle Goldstein is one of the most recognizable riders in the sport.

Now in her fourth year of the Longines Global Champions Tour (LGCT) and winner of last year’s Cascais Grand Prix, Goldstein is certainly making a splash.

But the rider, who turned professional in 2012, says she could not have done it without her favorite horse: Lizziemary.

“Lizziemary is definitely a funky little thing, she has got a lot of characteristics and a lot of character too,” Goldstein told CNN.

“She is really quirky, she has a lot of personality and she’s always playing with her mouth.

“When I first got on her I felt this instantaneous connection - it just clicked.”

The chestnut mare has been competing on the LGCT and in the Global Champions League for the past two seasons.

Since Goldstein chose Lizziemary in October 2016, the pair have developed a special bond.

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Danielle Goldstein on Lizziemary
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“I remember once I took her out before Cascais last year, we went riding in the park in Holland,” she said.

“We were by ourselves, nothing in front of us, it was a gorgeous day and I remember thinking, ‘I love this animal and I have some connection with her.’

“She was happy, her ears were forward - It was a perfect day.

“A week or two later we won Cascais and I just remember looking back and thinking of that connection with her, it was amazing.”

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Goldstein has ridden plenty of good horses in her career, but Lizziemary is special, she says.

“She has also helped me to achieve some of my personal goals,” she said. “So I owe a lot and I have a lot of appreciation for her,” she said.

“Shes got a funky personality and so do I - it matches perfectly!”