Anatomy of a 97,000% drug price hike: One family's fight to save their son

Updated 1915 GMT (0315 HKT) June 29, 2018

Newport, Rhode Island (CNN)Trevor Foltz splashes in the pool in his grandparents' backyard. His brother and sister join in the fun, as does their father.

Their mother, Danielle, watches from a nearby lawn chair. She's like a hawk, keeping a close eye on Trevor and the rest of her brood.
It was 10 years ago in this backyard when a similar moment of revelry was shattered. Trevor, then a toddler, was running around, having the time of his life, his mom keeping steady watch.
Trevor suddenly came over, placed his hand on her knee and looked directly into her eyes. He tried to speak but couldn't say a word. Then his head twitched ever so slightly to the right. Their gazes locked. Mom's heart wrenched.
It was so mild that Danielle told herself it must have been her imagination. She didn't tell her husband, Jonathan, or anyone else. But moments later, it happened again: Trevor coming to her, resting his hands on her knees, looking into her eyes.
Trevor plays with his brother and sister, Toby and Bristel, in the swimming pool at their grandparents' house. The family swims together every weekend in the summer and uses the time together to bond.