After defeat, Japan's World Cup team leaves behind a spotlessly clean locker room and a 'thank you' note

    (CNN)Even after they were booted out of the World Cup, the Japanese national football team gave us a lesson in grace.

    Following their heartbreaking loss to Belgium on Monday, the players left behind a note that said "спасибо" (Russian for "thank you") in their locker room.
    Oh, and they cleaned it up.
      The good sportsmanship is another example of how Japan -- players and fans -- have earned the admiration of everyone at the games in Russia.
      Where fans of other teams hit the news for doing things like giving Nazi salutes, Japan's revelers made headlines in late June for sticking around after a victory to clean up the stadium.
        Need further proof the Japanese players have the kind of manners that would make your parents want to invite them around for a holiday meal?