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Saturday, June 23

The search and rescue mission begins after 12 members of the Wild Boar soccer team and their coach go missing inside at flooded cave complex in northern Thailand.


Sunday, June 24

Rescue teams find bags and sandals 3 km (1.9 miles) inside the cave but are forced to suspend the search because of rising waters.


Monday, June 25

Thai Royal Navy SEAL divers reach the cave and find handprints on the wall, but pause the search again because of flooding. Officials start pumping out water.


Tuesday, June 26

Heavy rain stops helicopters from searching for other entrances to the cave.


Wednesday, June 27

Approximately 1,000 army & navy troops along with local volunteers join the search. By nightfall, rescue specialists from the US military and the UK also arrive.


Thursday, June 28

Heavy duty pumps are brought in to combat the floodwaters, but heavy rain forces rescuers to pause for five hours.


Friday, June 29

Teams from China join the multinational rescue effort.


Saturday, June 30

Australia also sends in experts.


Sunday, July 1

Experts from at least six countries, led by Thai Navy SEALs continue working to reach the caves. More equipment is flown in by plane.


Monday, July 2

Contact made: Two British divers find all 12 boys and their coach alive, perched on a shelf above the floodwaters 4 km (2.5 miles) inside the cave.


Tuesday, July 3

Thai Navy SEALs bring medical help, fresh water, food and blankets to the soccer team.


Wednesday, July 4

Experts debate how best to evacuate the boys, while rescuers practice what to do when the boys leave the cave.


Thursday, July 5

Rescuers continue to pump water out of the cave complex as trekkers try to locate a natural opening to the cavern where the boys are.


Friday, July 6

Saman Kunan, a former sergeant in the Thai Navy SEALs who was volunteering on the dive teams, dies after his oxygen runs out underwater in the cave system.


Saturday, July 7

Rescuers race to beat forecasts of heavy rain at the site in northern Thailand.


Sunday, July 8

Eighteen expert divers enter the cave and emerge 11 hours later with 4 boys who are ferried to a hospital in Chiang Rai.


Monday, July 9

Rescuers re-enter the cave and 9 hours later bring out 4 more trapped boys. The families of the boys brought out Sunday are allowed to see them through a glass window.


Tuesday, July 10

A third rescue mission attempt is made deep inside the cave for the 4 remaining boys and their coach, bringing them all out to safety.