Turnberry: The little bit of Britain that belongs to Donald Trump

    (CNN)Away from the protests that have accompanied his visit to Britain and in between diplomatic meetings, US President Donald Trump fitted in a game of golf with his son Eric.

    Trump stayed in Turnberry, Scotland -- one of his luxury golf resorts -- for the weekend before traveling to Finland for a summit Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the US President attended the NATO summit and visited the UK.
    US President Donald Trump plays golf, wearing a hat with Trump and USA displayed on it.
      "I have arrived in Scotland and will be at Trump Turnberry for two days of meetings, calls and hopefully, some golf -- my primary form of exercise! The weather is beautiful, and this place is incredible!" tweeted Trump Saturday.
      Trump was playing with his son Eric.
      He was was later pictured playing with his son on Turnberry's Ailsa course. Last year Eric launched the new "King Robert the Bruce" golf course at the Trump Turnberry resort in Ayrshire.
      As a private citizen, Trump slammed President Barack Obama for hitting the links and made it a campaign issue. However, since being in office himself, Trump has spent more than 100 days at a golf club that bears his name, according to a CNN count.
      A police officer stands guard outside Trump Turnberry.
      This portion of the US President's trip to Britain is private and Trump and his wife Melania have no scheduled public events.
      The 72-year old, whose mother was Scottish, has often spoken of his affection for Scotland and has reportedly invested some £200 million ($287 million) in Trump Turnberry, renovating an area steeped in history.
      Trump's name has been emblazoned high and wide at Turnberry in southwestern Scotland, ever since he bought its famed links golf resort in 2014.
      Trump bought Turnberry in 2014.
      Turnberry is one of two high-profile courses he owns in Scotland, the other the Trump International Golf Links situated amid the dunes of Aberdeen.
      Police and security personnel searched vehicles waiting to enter the resort on Saturday, while outside protestors held up an array of anti-Trump placards. At a nearby beach one protestor was wearing a costume in the style of the 'Handmaid's Tale.
      Earlier this year, the dystopian novel's author Margaret Atwood said the US is becoming more "Gilead-like." Gilead is a place where women are stripped of rights, separated from their children and have lost the ability to fight for better treatment without endangering their lives.
      A woman wears a costume in the style of the "Handmaid's Tale" on a beach near Turnberry.
      Turnberry has hosted four Open Championships, most recently in 2009.

      'Absolutely stunning'

      Turnberry is a little bit of Britain where the US leader holds sway and the mood was overwhelmingly positive when CNN spoke to residents during the reopening of Turnberry in 2016.
      "I think it all looks fabulous and will bring a lot of revenue into the village and the surrounding areas," said nearby B&B owner Christina Auld, describing Trump as a "lovely guy," having met him on one of his previous trips to the area.