Two killed in Nicaragua during attack on university and church

Students who had hidden in the church were taken Saturday by bus to a cathedral.

(CNN)Two men were killed Friday night in Managua after pro-government forces attacked the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, the strongest protest holdout in the capital, according to Paulo Abrao, the executive secretary of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

The attack lasted several hours, forcing students from the university, including those already injured, to flee and seek refuge inside the Divine Mercy Church, a small Catholic parish near the student compound.
Later, the church was also hemmed in by gunfire, according to Abrao, sources from Nicaragua's Catholic Church, students and one journalist.
    A 20-year-old man died inside the church, Abrao said. The second deceased victim has not been identified and it's not clear whether he died inside the church or while trying to reach Divine Mercy.
      Bishop Silvio José Báez tweeted the news of the attack as it started around 8 p.m. ET (6 p.m. local time) Friday.
      "They're shooting at the Divine Mercy parish! There is a priest inside and several wounded. Stop the repression!" he tweeted. Minutes later, Báez tweeted that ambulances and first aid teams were not allowed to attend to the wounded inside the church.
      Abrao said by telephone that at least 100 students were able to hide inside the church along with three journalists -- Sergio Marín of La Mesa Redonda, Joshua Partlow of The Washington Post and José Noel Marenco of 100% Noticias.
      According to Marenco, 15 students were shot. The images he shared online showed a gruesome siege in the middle of