147 Croatian students lie on the ground for 147 seconds in front of the Zagreb University building in Zagreb, Croatia, on April 16, 2015, to voice solidarity with the victims of an attack on Garissa University.
Lagos, Nigeria CNN  — 

The French World Cup side has been jokingly referred to as the only African team left in the tournament because of the diverse and multicultural make-up of the team.

But one African country is backing rivals Croatia to win the title because they say they owe a debt of gratitude to Croatians.

Kenyans have been posting their support for the Eastern European side on social media because they say Croatia stood by them during one of their worst moments.

In April 2015, Kenya experienced one of the deadliest terrorist attacks which claimed the lives of 147 university students at Garissa University.

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It was the worst terror attack on Kenyan soil since the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings, which killed 213.

Croatian students from the University of Zagreb decided to show a force of solidarity with mourning Kenyans by organizing a flash mob of 147 students, who lay on the ground for 147 seconds to honor the victims of the attack.

Immigration minister Gordon Kihalangwa tweeted: “I remember Croatia very well. They stood with us during the Garissa terror attack. I wish them all the best.”

Others posted they were happy Croatia beat England in the semi-final game last week because “the UK issued a travel advisory to Kenya,” after the Garissa attack.

However, other Kenyans were quick to point out that other nations, including France, also sent messages of support in the aftermath of the horrific attack.

Lydia Ngara posted on Facebook, alongside images of French people writing messages of support: “Apart from Croatia, several other Countries including France stood with Kenya too during the Garrissa University terror attack,” she wrote.