Remains of bread baked 14,400 years ago found in Jordan

An archaeologist grinds club rush for the experimental production of flour.

Story highlights

  • Archaeologists in northeast Jordan discovered what may be the first proof of bread-making
  • The discovery means that hunter-gatherers made bread, although it may have been a rare food

(CNN)Archaeologists have discovered the burnt remains of a bread baked 14,400 years ago, more than 4,000 years before the advent of agriculture.

The findings, excavated in northeastern Jordan's Black Desert, reveal the oldest direct evidence of bread and are discussed Monday in the journal PNAS. Twenty-four bread-like discoveries were found in two fireplaces in a Natufian hunter-gatherer site known as Shubayqa 1.
    One of the stone structures with a fireplace in the middle at the Shubayqa 1 site in Jordan's Black Desert.
    "The presence of hundreds of charred food remains in the fireplaces from Shubayqa 1 is an exceptional find, and it has given us the chance to characterize 14,000-year-old food practices," said University of