Philippines orders deportation of 71-year-old nun

Australian nun Patricia Fox greets supporters in May as she arrives at the Department of Justice in Manila to appeal her deportation order.

(CNN)A 71-year-old Australian nun was ordered to leave the Philippines on Thursday after years of angering the government of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Sister Patricia Anne Fox is charged with violating the terms of her missionary visa by openly engaging in political activities throughout the country, according to the state-run Philippine New Agency (PNA).
The Bureau of Immigration's order cites evidence of Fox urging the release of political prisoners and actively supporting labor groups.
    "Well of course I'm disappointed but that's the order, and we'll look at what we can do about it," Fox told PNA on Thursday.
      The elderly Catholic nun has long been targeted by authorities since Duterte ordered a probe into her activities in the Philippines. Fox was first taken into custody in April by immigration officers who downgraded her status in the country to a temporary visitor's visa.
      "Those in the Philippines are here because of our consent for them to be here. But they are not allowed to engage in any political activity," Presidential spokesman Harry Roque Jr. told reporters in April when asked about Fox.