Tracy Edwards makes sailing history with Maiden

Published 1049 GMT (1849 HKT) August 15, 2018
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Tracy Edwards, pictured right, skippered the first all-female crew to sail the Whitbread Round the World Race. The Maiden Factor
"Maiden was either met with antipathy or aggression -- not really much in between," Edwards tells CNN of the boat her and her crew sailed. "As we got more successful it got worse -- they did not like that at all." The Maiden Factor
Maiden finished second in its class during the 1989-90 Whitbread -- winning two of the legs. It was the best result for a British boat in 17 years -- and still remains the best result for an all-female crew. The Maiden Factor
In 1987, Edwards remortgaged her house and bought Maiden. Over six months, she and her crew pulled the yacht apart, redesigned it and rebuilt it from scratch. The Maiden Factor
When Edwards decided to create an all-female crew, she says it was the first time she had experienced sexism and misogyny. "I had never been told before that I couldn't do something -- mostly because I was where I should be -- in the galley," Edwards says as she rolls her eyes. The Maiden Factor
The Whitbread Round the World Race, now known as the Volvo Ocean Race, began in 1973 and takes place every three years. The Maiden Factor
After the race in 1990, Edwards sold Maiden and the 12 crew members scattered across the globe. The Maiden Factor
In 2014, Maiden reentered Edwards life after she found out it was rotting away in the Seychelles -- an archipelago of islands in the Indian Ocean off East Africa. The Maiden Factor
In 2016, Edwards turned to crowdfunding and repurchased Maiden. Now, after restoring the yacht back to its former glory, Edwards begins a new chapter with "The Maiden Factor." The boat will embark on a three-year sailing tour to raise awareness for girls' access to education. Rick Tomlinson