Tracy Edwards: 'Maiden was either met with antipathy or aggression'

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    • Edwards begins a new chapter with 'The Maiden Factor' -- which will see Maiden taken on a global world tour to raise money for girls' access to education
    • She skippered the first all-female crew in the 1989 Whitbread Round the World Race

    (CNN)In 1989, Tracy Edwards would have recoiled at the thought of being a feminist.

    "It was such a dreadful word then," explains the sailor, who that year made history and defied critics by leading the first all-female crew to sail around the world.
      Had Edwards not been expelled from school -- for smoking and drinking during a school trip -- she may have never discovered her love of sailing and become the trailblazer she is today.
        Tracy Edwards, skipper of Maiden, celebrates with champagne after finishing second during the Whitbread round the world yacht race in 1990.