Meet the family of five sailing around the world for 10 years

Published 1247 GMT (2047 HKT) August 20, 2018
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The Giffords set sail from the coast of Washington state in the US in 2008. Their trip, which took one year to plan, has encompassed 48 countries and territories over the past decade. Sailing Totem
With life jackets firmly secured, the Gifford siblings sailed through San Francisco at the start of their journey: four-year-old Siobhan (left), six-year-old Mairen (middle) and nine-year-old Niall (right) could not swim at the time, though they would soon take to the water like fish. Sailing Totem
Physical books and e-books have played a big role in home schooling the Gifford children, seen here after a beach combing expedition in Mexico early in their trip. "We are living basically on a field trip," says father Jamie. Sailing Totem
The Gifford children made friends in Mexico during an early stop in their 10-year journey. Sailing Totem
The family -- seen taking in a home-cooked meal in Papua New Guinea -- has enjoyed experiencing other cultures through their cuisines and learning recipes. Sailing Totem
During their travels, the Giffords have exchanged time on the boat and other acts of goodwill for recipes and cultural experiences. Here Jamie helps a local in Papua New Guinea repair a sewing machine. Sailing Totem
Sailing Totem takes a much-needed break in Tonga. Built in 1982, the fiberglass-made sailboat was purchased for $190,000 by the Giffords in 2007. It comes equipped with a 75-horsepower engine, and is fitted with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Sailing Totem
Sailing Totem is where the Giffords' sleep, even when docked on land. "The boat is our home," says mom Behan. "It would be very strange to check out of our home and into a hotel when our home is right there." Sailining Totem
Mairen spots whales at a lagoon off the Hermit Islands in Papua New Guinea. Sailing Totem
A tree-kangaroo perches on Siobhan's head in Ninigo archipelago, Papua New Guinea Sailing Totem
Freediving without a tank is something the family has become adept at, as shown by this photo taken at a coral reef in the Bahamas. Sailing Totem
Behan Gifford -- seen freediving off Gili Air, an island near Lombok, Indonesia -- can achieve depths of 50 feet without a tank, while husband Jamie freedives 65-feet deep. Sailing Totem
The Gifford family looks out onto the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. Sailing Totem
The family has seen extraordinary beaches during its time at sea, including Isla San Francisco, an island off Baja California in Mexico. Sailing Totem
Jamie mixes with locals at Gamfi island, part of the Raja Ampat archipelago in Indonesia. Sailing Totem
The family poses in the state of Malacca in Malaysia in 2014. Niall (center with hat) recently moved on from life at sea to pursue his university degree in Portland, Oregon. Sailing Totem