Italy bars its own Coast Guard ship from allowing migrants to disembark

Migrants are seen on board the Italian Coast Guard ship Ubaldo Diciotti moored in the port of Catania in Sicily.

(CNN)Hardline Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is refusing to give permission to an Italian Coast Guard ship to disembark 177 people it rescued off the island of Lampedusa last week.

Migrants aboard the Ubaldo Diciotti, which docked in Catania, Sicily, after being forced to remain at sea for five days, will not be allowed off the ship until Italy receives assurances they will be relocated elsewhere in Europe, Salvini said.
The Coast Guard ship picked up 190 migrants on August 15 from an overcrowded boat 17 miles off Lampedusa after they were refused entry to Malta.
    Transport Minister Danio Toninelli tweeted on Saturday, "Diciotti shows that Italy never pulls back when it comes to saving human lives. Malta's behavior is once again unspeakable/deplorable and deserving of sanctions."
    Thirteen of them were taken to Lampedusa because of serious medical conditions, Coast Guard Lt. Floriana Segreto told CNN, but the remaining 177 were left in international waters. The majority of migrants are from Eritrea, with some people from Bangladesh, Syria and Egypt, the Coast Guard said.
    The Diciotti arrived in the port of Catania late Monday night
    On Monday afternoon, Toninelli announced on Twitter: "The Diciotti ship will dock in Catania."
    "The valiant men of the coast guard have fulfilled their duty by saving human lives just 17 miles off Lampedusa," he said on Twitter. "Now Europe needs to play its part fast."
    But Salvini's press officer said in a statement that the interior minister "has not given and will not give the authorization for the migrants to disembark until he is assured that the 177 migrants will go elsewhere."
    The European Commission confirmed it has been contacted by Italian authorities regarding the ship but stated it cannot solve the standoff because "it's a matter for national authorities."
    One and seventy-seven migrants rescued at sea remained aboard the Italian Coast Guard ship Diciotti Tuesday morning