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Washington CNN  — 

Some days President Trump’s Instagram can seem like a Fox News fan account.

Trump’s account reposted 85 photos or videos from either Fox News, Fox Business or “Fox & Friends” from May 22 to Aug. 22. That’s about 24% of the 358 posts on Trump’s account in that time frame.

Many of the Fox posts that Trump’s account reposts are graphics of Trump quotes – either things he said or tweeted – creating a social media feedback loop. Trump tweets, Fox News turns the tweet into a graphic and that graphic ends up back on a @realDonaldTrump account.

Twitter has long been Trump’s social media platform of choice and the one he uses personally. That’s reflected in his Instagram account, which frequently posts the text of his tweets. Earlier in his presidency, there was a visual inconsistency in the formatting of these tweet posts. Last August, for example, his account used four different formats in a single week. But today, tweet posts have a similar look, whether White House-made or from Fox News.

Trump’s second most reposted news media brand is ABC, which was featured more than half a dozen times in three months.