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Hawaii Gov. David Ige urged residents Wednesday to prepare weeks’ worth of supplies ahead of Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 cyclone that could make landfall in the islands in the coming days.

He said government offices would be closed Thursday and Friday as the storm, packing heavy rains, approaches the state.

“Just want to remind everyone to prepare to shelter in place 14 days of food and supplies and water,” he said at a news conference.

The storm’s dangerous center could make landfall as it moves past the islands from Thursday through Saturday. But even if the eye doesn’t cross land, it should draw close enough to the islands that it brings destructive winds and rain accumulations over 20 inches in some locations, forecasters said.

Forecasters said the storm was moving to the west-northwest but was expected to make a harder turn toward the northwest and north-northwest over the next 24 hours.

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How soon it turns and how sharp it turns will determine how close the center gets to the islands and how much damage it will cause.

“Exactly when this critical turn will happen is very difficult to forecast, so confidence in this portion of the track is unfortunately rather low,” The Pacific Hurricane Center said.

At 8 p.m. ET the storm was located about 275 miles south of Kailua-Kona, or 400 miles SSE of Honolulu.

People have been flocking to stores for supplies.

“(I’m) filling up my bathtub with some water, hoping to board up my main windows in time,” a shopper on the Big Island, Shana Bartolome, told CNN affiliate KHON on Tuesday.

Shoppers were going for generators, toilet paper, water and other supplies, KHON reported.

“It’s going to be close, but hope for the best and with luck make sure everybody’s ready, and if it doesn’t hit us, that’s good,” Oahu resident Vesega Pili told the station.

Ige said officials were expecting some roads to flood and residents should refrain from driving.

“We just need to urge people to use common sense,” he said.

The storm was in the Pacific about 285 miles south of the Big Island town of Kailua-Kona early Wednesday, with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph. Tropical-storm-force winds persist up to 140 miles from the center.

Lane is expected to weaken slowly through Friday, but it still is forecast “to remain a dangerous hurricane as it draws closer to the Hawaiian Islands,” the National Weather Service’s Central Pacific Hurricane Center says.

A hurricane warning is in effect for Hawaii and Maui counties – meaning hurricane conditions are expected there.

A hurricane watch has been issued for Oahu and Kauai. The watch indicates hurricane conditions are possible and that winds of at least 39 mph are anticipated in the next two days.

Hurricane Lane watches and warnings 8/22/18 noon ET

American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines issued travel advisories to customers flying to or from Hawaii. Both are waiving reservation change fees as the hurricane approaches.

What to expect

Tropical-storm-force winds – 39-73 mph – an