Life onboard a superyacht as a stewardess

Updated 1856 GMT (0256 HKT) August 23, 2018
Gemma Hulbert chief stewardess superyachtGemma Hulbert chief stewardess superyacht
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"Being chief stew you're essentially the face of the entire interior," Hulbert tells CNN. "I'm always around -- if guests are up, I'm up. I''m leading every service." Gemma Hulbert
Chelsea Nielsen, like many other yacht stewardess' uses Instagram to document her life onboard and provide advice on what the industry is like. Chelsea Nielsen
"Basically we're on call 24/7," Nielsen explains, adding that generally she works a 13-hour day -- with a two-hour break during the day, and a nine-hour break overnight. Chelsea Nielsen
On Hulbert's blog she provides advice to other stewardesses on how to create the perfect table setting. Gemma Hulbert
She writes that it's important to find a base inspiration for each setting. "The base inspiration for this table was a wine decanter that he (the guest) wanted to be used during wine service. Mr had made the purchase while ashore in Cannes and wanted to show it off to his guests with a beautiful vintage wine. So I figured I would run with that idea and do a full on wine theme." Gemma Hulbert
"Mixology is a huge part of being a stewardess," Hulbert says. "Formal wine service is very important, learning how to cut cigars and serve caviar in addition to a usual 16 option silver-service meal." Gemma Hulbert
Hulbert has visited places like St Lucia during her job as a chief stewardess. Gemma Hulbert
"The yachting industry is very materialistic and very luxurious and a lot of beauty is to be said about it but you can lose track of your heart and soul and the things that really matter in life and I feel honored to be able to reconnect people to that part of them," Nielsen says about teaching yoga onboard. Chelsea Nielsen