Confessions of a superyacht stewardess

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Most chartered yachts cost between $300,000 to over $1 million per week

The role of a stewardess is broad, they work as cleaners, cocktail mixologists, waiters and even yoga teachers

CNN  — 

Come summertime, the harbors of the Dalmatian Coast, French Riviera and Amalfi Coast fill with luxurious superyachts.

These incredible vessels are owned and enjoyed by celebrities, royalty and titans of industry.

The smooth running of these colossal boats depends on a troop of dedicated workers. And among the most diligent are stewardesses.

They call themselves “glorified housekeepers” but they’re much more than that.

They’re also entertainers, cleaners, cocktail mixologists, waiters and even yoga teachers.

Chief Stewardess, Gemma Hulbert, has been working as a “stew” for almost seven years.

“We’re caretakers for the guests – anything and everything they need is done before they need it,” the 25-year-old explains, adding that guest requests at times can be quite unusual.

Once, she says, a guest only wanted to bathe in half a tub of hot water that was then topped off with half a bottle of none-other than Fiji water and half a cup of baby oil.

“That was so much fun to clean from the marble after,” Hulbert quips.