Volcanoes, lava and crashing waves: Playing golf 'Iceland style'

Published 0850 GMT (1650 HKT) August 24, 2018
02 Golfklubbur Vestmannaeyja02 Golfklubbur Vestmannaeyja
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On the Icelandic island of Heimaey, the largest of the rocky Icelandic Westman Islands, the opportunity to play one of the country's most enchanting courses draws locals and tourists alike. Around 10% of Vestmannaeyjar's 4,500 population are members of the club. 01 Golfklubbur Vestmannaeyja
The high winds and sea spray make the course hugely challenging even for those who play it regularly. James Masters/CNN
The lava fields means players have to be on their game if they want to avoid chipping their ball out from the black rock. James Masters/CNN
One bad stroke and you could easily send your ball flying into the sea. The Atlantic Ocean crashes against the black lava rock with waters flooding the course during particularly bad weather. James Masters/CNN
Keilir is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Iceland. Situated in the town of Hafnafjordur, around 15 minutes from the capital, Reykjavik, the course is hugely popular with the locals. Golfklúbburinn Keilir
The front nine holes are some of the most challenging with the course located in a lava field. The back nine is located on former farmland on the Hvaleyri peninsula. Golf Union of Iceland
First established in 1967 as a nine-hole course, it was extended to 12 holes in 1971 before another six were added in 1997. Golf Union of Iceland
As in Vestmannaeyjar, the wind from the Atlantic Ocean and the lava rock provide the biggest challenges. Golf Union of Iceland