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Multiple White House and Republican sources say there is a growing unease inside the West Wing and among President Donald Trump’s political advisers about what a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives would mean for the President.

There are, of course, real concerns about impeachment proceedings. But the prospect of Democratic-controlled House committees is also a real worry. A source close to the WH involved in discussions with the President said Trump has personally been advised that Democratic-controlled committees are likely to launch investigations and hold hearings on an array of negative stories about the Trump White House.

“Every news story is going to instigate a subpoena,” one source said. “It would be really miserable. I think people (inside the White House) understand that as best as they can.”

A separate source who has advised the White House said some of the worries over impeachment have actually subsided in recent weeks.

“Oversight hearings will be the issue. Not impeachment,” the source said.

Still, a Trump adviser said aides have discussed the possibility of impeachment proceedings with Trump as well. However, this adviser said those proceedings have been gamed out internally, easing concerns that Trump could actually be tossed out of office.

While Trump could be impeached in the House, Democrats likely would not have enough votes in the Senate to convict and remove the President.

A top GOP congressional aide warned the White House should get serious about dealing with Democratic-led inquiries should the Republican Party lose control of the House.

“If they’re not concerned about that, they should be,” the Republican aide said.

The Republican aide said the potential release of a report from special counsel Robert Mueller in the weeks before the midterm elections could provide Democrats with a wealth of information to investigate should they come into power in January.

“It would be like a perfect storm,” the aide said.

Sources close to the White House said there could be a silver lining in a Democratic-controlled House as the expected calls for impeachment and confrontational hearings could galvanize the President’s base for the 2020 election.

“Results versus resistance,” one source said. “The Democratic House is the resistance. And Trump is results. I’m happy with that narrative.”