Settle down, guys. A skull-shaped asteroid is not headed for Earth this Halloween

An asteroid resembling a skull will narrowly miss Earth on Halloween, October 31, 2015.

(CNN)Despite what your social media feeds are telling you, an asteroid shaped like a skull is not going to zip by Earth this Halloween.

Asteroid 2015 TB145 looked like a skull when it passed by our planet three years ago on Halloween. But now the object may be a bit less "humerous," because its shape may since have changed.
In 2015, the asteroid missed Earth by just 300,000 miles and was visible to those with good telescopes. This year, the closest it will come is 25 million miles -- which is way too far to tell what it looks like.
    It's easy to see the resemblance to a skull in this image of asteroid 2015 TB145, which was taken October 30, 2015, a day before it flew past Earth.
    "This time it's not coming close enough (to Earth) to be any larger than a dot of light," said Paul Chodas, manager of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Center for Near Earth Object Studies.
    The asteroid was previously estimated to be 2,000 feet in diameter. However, asteroids change shape over time, as they smash into other celestial objects and break apart.