02 pompeo North Korea meeting
Pompeo meets North Korea's Kim Jong Un
01:59 - Source: CNN
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President Donald Trump on Tuesday offered up new details about a potential second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s meeting with Kim over the weekend.

The President said that a second summit “is happening” and the “timing won’t be too far away,” though later in the day he said it would be after the midterm elections, which take place on November 6. He also said he spoke with Pompeo on Monday at length regarding the meeting, adding that the second summit will probably take place at a new location.

The first Trump-Kim summit took place in June in Singapore.

Considerations are underway for “three or four different locations,” the President said.

“As I’ve said about a thousand times, you’ve got no rockets flying, you’ve got no missiles flying, you have no nuclear testing, you have nuclear closings, closing up different areas of North Korea. We’re getting the remains back … we got our hostages back, and I didn’t pay $1.8 billion, like the previous administration. I paid nothing,” Trump said in the Oval Office, apparently referring to an Obama-era Iran deal.

“But I have agreed to meet, and I have agreed to spend time, but how long has it been since we left Singapore? It was three months ago? I think the speed is amazing,” Trump added.

The President’s comments came as he sat beside US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, who had just announced she was leaving her post at the end of the year.

Speaking later to reporters aboard Air Force One, Trump said he was too occupied with campaigning for Republican candidates to travel for another summit before the November elections.

“I just can’t leave now,” the President said.

On Sunday, Pompeo and Kim took part in a two-hour meeting in North Korea. Following the meeting, Pompeo said Kim is ready to allow international inspectors into a key nuclear testing site, signaling a step forward in Pyongyang’s commitment to denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula. The two also discussed details for a potential second summit with the President.

Asked if the second meeting would take place in the United States, Trump said Tuesday that he didn’t “want to embarrass anybody by asking.” However, he suggested that there’s a possibility for future meetings on both US and North Korean soil.

Trump also emphasized that the North Koreans have “agreed to denuclearization and they continue to agree.”

The President noted that while progress on North Korea has been made, sanctions remain in place as businesses are “calling, wanting to go (to North Korea) and wanting to invest.”

“I think he wants to get on with it,” Trump said, appearing to Kim’s desire to ease sanctions.

CNN’s Angela Dewan, Kevin Liptak and James Griffiths contributed to this report.