India treats 'Netflix addiction' as internet use surges

The logo of streaming service Netflix can be seen on a TV in Berlin, Germany, in this photo illustration.

New Delhi (CNN)An apparent case of "Netflix addiction" has emerged in India, where the video-streaming site has surged as areas long cut off from the internet get connected with on-demand entertainment.

A 26-year-old sought help at an addiction center in the southern city of Bangalore, convinced that his waning attention span, reluctance to interact with others and seclusion were caused by his obsessive need to watch videos for seven to 10 hours a day.
The man's condition in many ways mirrored cases of people addicted to social media or online gaming, which global health experts this year classified as a disorder in which gaming takes precedence over other interests and daily activities, said Dr. Manoj Sharma, professor of clinical psychology at the Services for Healthy Use of Technology, or SHUT, where the man was treated.
    "It is enforcing the person's presence in the virtual world, whether it would be gaming or social media," Sharma said, adding that the temporary solace the internet provides pushes the individual into seclusion.
    As long as patients like his are watching shows, they remain in the on-screen world and don't remember reality, he said. It becomes a method for them to cut off from all environmental stresses.

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