China's government is trying to hijack a viral meme for propaganda

A Henan Fire Department employee lies among the awards he has won for his work, the government body's response to the "Flaunt your wealth" campaign on Chinese social media.

Beijing (CNN)The Chinese government is trying to hijack one of this year's hottest social trends for its own propaganda purposes.

For months, young people across China have been posting images of themselves pretending to fall out of cars or trip, spreading their expensive belongings in front of them, as if they've just casually fallen out of their pockets.
It's called the "flaunt your wealth" challenge and, although it isn't clear where it started, it has taken Chinese social media by storm.
    It isn't just huge in China -- people across the world including Russia and Australia have taken the opportunity to show off, under the hashtag #fallingstars.
      Originally popular among wealthy Chinese women, the trend rap