Ethiopia appoints its first female president

 Sahle-Work Zewde, seen here in 2014, served as a top UN diplomat before becoming Ethiopia's first woman president.

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)Ethiopia's parliament has appointed the country's first female president, Sahle-Work Zewde, in a move hailed as setting a new standard for women in the East African nation, the Prime Minister's chief of staff announced Thursday.

Sahle-Work, 69, has served since June as the United Nation's special representative to the African Union as an under-secretary-general. She also has held top diplomatic posts representing Ethiopia in France and Djibouti.
Sahle-Work Zewde speaks at a United Nations meeting in 2014 in Kenya.
Sahle-Work replaces Mulatu Teshome, who resigned the presidency Wednesday.
    "In a patriarchal society such as ours, the appointment of a female head of state not only sets the standard for the future but also normalises women as decision-makers in public life," tweeted Fitsum Arega, the top aide to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who leads Ethiopia's government and policy.