Republican campaign poster outrages English village

Last week the Facebook page of Dr. Nick Stella posted this advertisement headlined: "Only you can stop this from becoming reality!"

(CNN)A Republican politician from Illinois has angered the residents of a coastal English village by featuring a picture of its streets to depict "foreclosures, unemployment and economic recession."

Last week the Facebook page of Dr. Nick Stella, a Republican who's running to represent the 11th Illinois congressional district in the US midterm elections next week, posted an advertisement headlined: "Only you can stop this from becoming reality!"
Republican candidate Dr. Nick Stella.
It was aimed at attacking Stella's Democrat opponent and the district incumbent, Bill Foster. But bizarrely, it featured an image of a residential street in Jaywick Sands in the UK's eastern county of Essex.
    The picture depicts two rows of run-down bungalows, along a pothole-strewn street. A billboard is superimposed on the image, congratulating Nancy Pelosi, currently the minority leader in the House of Representatives.
    Beneath the picture, a caption reads: "Help President Trump keep America on track and thriving. A vote for Foster is a vote for speaker Pelosi. We can't go back to foreclosures, unemployment and economic recession!"
    In 2015 Jaywick Sands was revealed as the most deprived town in England in statistics released by the UK government. As a result of the report, images of the village often crop up when searching online using terms like "rundown town."
    A typical street scene before the investment in Jaywick Sands.
    Paul Honeywood, Tendring District Council cabinet member with special responsibility for Jaywick Sands, said it was appalling to use the image for political gain in this way.
    "For starters, Dr. Stella is very out of date -- Essex County Council completed a two-year £6.5 million program to improve the roads and drainage in Jaywick Sands in 2017," Honeywood said.
    "Since the old image used in this campaign poster was taken support from government, Essex County Council and other bodies has helped to build upon the work we as a council we're already doing to improve the quality of life for residents."