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Jewish communities across the UK are set to stand together with Pittsburgh by backing the #ShowupforShabbat campaign.

The Twitter hashtag #ShowupforShabbat has been trending all week, with communities in the US urging people to attend synagogue and show their support in the aftermath of the attack that killed 11 people inside a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday.

And the UK Jewish community is rallying to show solidarity, with communal bodies urging people to attend services on Friday night and Saturday morning, the first Shabbat since last weekend’s attack.

Jessica Weinberg Neiss, who attended the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh before moving to London just over two months ago, told CNN she had been overwhelmed by the community’s support.

“It’s wonderful to see people come out in support of Pittsburgh but also in support of other Jews,” she said.

“We all need to recognize that the people who hate Jews as a whole don’t distinguish between our levels of observance. In the eyes of those who hate us, we are all the same.

“So it’s important to show how united we are because that makes us so much stronger.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan wrote on Twitter that he he will attend synagogue on Saturday to stand “shoulder to shoulder with Jewish Londoners for their Shabbat service to show solidarity to the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting last weekend.”

A large vigil was held at the Jewish Community Center London on Monday, with religious leaders and leading politicians joining the public in prayers and tributes.

Earlier this week, UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis urged those in attendance to show their support for the US Jewish community by going to synagogue en masse this weekend.

“Let’s all go to shul next Shabbat,” he said. “Let every Jew around the world show, nothing will keep us away from standing with pride in our synagogues, praying to God as free Jews.”

Mirvis also paid tribute to the way people from outside the community had offered their support.

“It has been recognized that when Jewish blood is spilled in Pittsburgh, a shiver goes down the spine of every Jew around the world, but not just every Jew, but every caring person around the world,” he added.

Synagogues across the UK are also set to say special prayers for the victims of the Pittsburgh attack during Shabbat services.