Trump's been president for two years. Germans still can't look away

Updated 0602 GMT (1402 HKT) November 4, 2018

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Hamburg, Germany (CNN Business)Over two floors of Der Spiegel's glasshouse building, walls bearing seven decades of the magazine's covers serve as a colorful chronology of modern history. On one wall are cartoons of an angry yellow-haired man that are so provocative they're impossible to miss.

US President Donald Trump is, on one cover, depicted as an ape-like species in the March of Progress. The well-known image, usually used to show the theory of human evolution, is reversed with Trump last in line, his back hunched and hands hanging by his knees.
Another depicts the president as a screaming finger puppet on a hand giving the middle finger next to the words "Goodbye, Europe!," published as Trump clashed with European leaders over his decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.
A series of Trump covers drawn by Cuban-American artist Edel Rodriguez for Der Spiegel has gone viral and given the weekly magazine's profile a boost beyond its European base.
The daily drama of the Trump administration has triggered a surge of news consumption in the United States, but European media like Der Spiegel are experiencing a "Trump bump" as well.
Mathieu von Rohr, Der Spiegel's deputy foreign editor, says US President Donald Trump has dominated the news cycle.
"It's been a 24/7 news cycle regarding Trump. He is dominating Twitter, he is dominating the news. And he has, of course, dominated our Spiegel Online news website," the magazine's deputy foreign editor, Mathieu von Rohr, told CNN