Can this two-year-old startup be Africa's Paypal - or Stripe?

Paystack founders- Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN)If you're making online payments to or from Nigeria, the chances are that a local startup, Paystack is helping you spend your money.

Africa has long has been perceived as one of technology's final frontiers.
Few have felt that perception worse than businesses and professionals who have had to use more traditional methods to make and receive international payments.
    In January 2016, two young techies, Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi came together to solve that problem by launching Paystack, a payments processing company.
      Just over two years in, the young startup, with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, could become Africa's response to Paypal and Stripe.

      Bridging the gap

      When Olubi and Akinlade first approached the idea for Paystack, receiving foreign payments in Nigeria was challenging.
        "It would take a minimum of 3 weeks for a business to start accepting payments online, from filling paper forms to making up-front payments to going through a complex integration process," Shola Akinlade, the company's CEO told CNN.