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Watch as refugee children see their first snow
00:52 - Source: CNN
CNN  — 

It’s not every day that you get retweeted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

But that’s what happened to Toronto resident Rebecca Davies when she posted an adorable video of two Eritrean refugees experiencing snow for the first time.

Dressed in thick winter coats, the brother and sister are seen rushing out into their backyard to twirl in the falling snowflakes in a moment of pure joy.

Trudeau wrote in his post on Twitter: “Amazing – now convince them that shoveling is fun and you’re all set. Thank you for everything you do, Rebecca.”

The 43-second clip has had more than 2.4 million views on Twitter, and 23,000 shares.

Davies is hosting a family of five from the east African country, which has one of the most repressive regimes in the world. The mother and her four children, all under eight years old, had been living in a Sudanese refugee camp after fleeing Eritrea.

They were brought to Canada by donations made to the Ripple Refugee Project, a private refugee sponsorship group.

In Canada, it is legal for private donors to sponsor government-approved refugees seeking a new life in their country.