How 'Last Chance U' and American Football are reshaping television

    Story highlights

    • Slate of new docuseries focuses on football
    • "Last Chance U" paves way for more shows
    • Gridiron provides backdrop for human stories

    London (CNN)There is a gruesome moment in the Amazon Prime series "All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines" that embodies a new genre of filmmaking.

    In a game against Wisconsin last season, third-string quarterback Brandon Peters is knocked unconscious for what seems like an eternity.
      His hand is limp, his eyes are shut, and he's completely unresponsive. "He's out," says a Michigan trainer.
        Finally, after 30 seconds of heart-stopping airtime -- with the 20-year-old's future teetering on edge as a microphone captures his eerie silence -- he regains awareness.
        Peters is carted off the field. Michigan lose. Coach Jim Harbaugh consoles his dejected, beat up players in the locker room.
        And viewers stream through the whole emotional saga.