PNG police officers attack parliament in APEC pay dispute

Papua New Guinea police and soldiers are pictured outside the front of the country's parliament in Port Moresby on November 20, 2018.

(CNN)A group of police officers "stormed" Papua New Guinea's parliament on Tuesday over unpaid wages, damaging the building and reportedly assaulting staff, only days after international leaders attended a summit in the Pacific island nation.

Security personnel entered the building in the country's capital Port Moresby after hearing they would not be paid for work done during last week's APEC Summit, according to Police Chief Superintendent Dominic Kakas.
"A group of police were disgruntled over allowances and this morning they were misled. They were thinking that they would not be paid their allowances for their security work during the APEC summit," Kakas told CNN.
    "They vented their frustration by breaking glass and destroying items in the entrance to parliament. Police are on the scene now, trying to establish whether assaults have also taken place," Kakas added.
    Bryan Kramer MP posted a video to Facebook in which he alleged that police "stormed parliament over their grievances" and disrupted an opposition party cabinet meeting.
    "Numerous staff of parliament were assaulted during this confrontation," Kramer alleged.
    Kakas said that the police needed to confirm if any assaults took place, adding that officers were attempting to impose calm.
    A government official said he had left the area, but confirmed there was "damage done to parliament building despite the government having already paid 50% of all their allowances, and the invoice only received today for the remaining amount."
    He said the allowances totaled 10mn kina ($3M).
    It was the first time Papua New Guinea (PNG), the least economically developed of the 21 countries in APEC, hosted the summit.
    China's President Xi Jinping stands with Papau New Guinea's Governor General Bob Dadae during a welcoming ceremony at Parliament House in Port Moresby on November 16, 2018.