California communities will serve Thanksgiving dinner to thousands of Camp Fire evacuees

Joseph Grado and his wife, Susan Grado, embrace while staying at a shelter for fire evacuees in Chico, California. They lost their Paradise home in the Camp Fire.

(CNN)The city of Lincoln, California, is almost an hour and a half's drive from Paradise, where the devastating Camp Fire has destroyed thousands of homes.

People in the two communities don't really know each other.
And yet Lincoln's residents are giving up their Thanksgiving plans to help prepare hundreds of meals for Paradise families who were displaced by the fire.
    The effort is being led by Kris Wyatt, a Lincoln resident who was moved by the plight of her neighbors to the north.
    "We felt very lost, asking, 'How can we help?'" Wyatt said.
    She began by asking community leaders and friends on social media about their Thanksgiving plans and whether they'd be willing to host fire evacuees. But Wyatt soon got a lot more help than she had imagined.

    Turkeys, pies and beer

    City officials offered one of the community's largest buildings, the McBean Pavilion, for the event. The city's fire department donated more than 100 turkeys. Local wineries offered wine, and breweries offered beer.
    A local casino is offering 100 apple pies and a community bakery is offering 100 pumpkin pies.
    "I'm overwhelmed by it," Wyatt said. "Everyone is offering volunteering, doing table decorations and making signs."
    Wyatt said she's heard from more than 100 volunteers who want to help set up, serve, clean up and create activities for the kids. She said they're expecting more than 100 families from Paradise.
    The invitation to Camp Fire evacuees promises free transportation.
    "One of our community members went to our local Holiday Inn and there were 30 families staying there," she said. "When she went to Rocklin and Roseville, the next two closest cities, she visited a hotel with 128 rooms, 102 of which were taken by evacuees."