Spaniards recoil as UK supermarket unveils cheese-filled churros

The cheese-filled churros are part of Morrisons' Christmas food range.

London (CNN)Relations between the UK and Spain hit a new low this week, but the issue has nothing to do with Brexit.

Spaniards are up in arms over what some have deemed a bastardized version of the country's fried-dough favorite, churros, by a British supermarket chain.
In Spain, churros can be savored at breakfast while dipped into hot chocolate or cafe con leche, or as a street snack.
    But British supermarket Morrisons impending release of cheese-filled churros -- accompanied by a chunky red pepper and tomato dip and grated cheese sprinkle --- has been branded a "monstrosity" by some on Twitter.
    The dish is from Morrisons' Christmas range, which will be released next month, prompting Madrid-based journalist Fiona Govan to ask her Twitter followers on Thursday what they thought of the anglicized treat:
    Memes were shared threatening war with the UK:
    And utter revulsion was expressed:
    Translator Arantza Elosua branded it "pure sacrilege."