Chris Dawson, subject of Teacher's Pet podcast, arrested 36 years after wife's alleged murder

Lynette Dawson was 33 when she disappeared in 1982, leaving behind two young daughters.

(CNN)Police in Australia appear to be closer than ever to solving a murder mystery that started with the sudden disappearance of a 33-year-old mother almost four decades ago and led Wednesday to the arrest of her former husband.

Chris Dawson was arrested Wednesday over the murder of his former wife Lynette Dawson, the latest twist in a case documented in the wildly popular Australian true crime podcast "Teacher's Pet."
The podcast alleges Chris Dawson, a former professional rugby player turned high school teacher, was having an affair with one of his 16-year-old students, who was also the family's babysitter, when his wife vanished from the Sydney neighborhood of Bayview in January 1982.
    Dawson, now 70 years old, has long denied any involvement in his wife's disappearance, despite two coronial inquests that concluded he killed her, according to CNN affiliate Nine News.
    Dawson, who played for Newtown Jets rugby league team in the early 1970s, appeared in a Queensland court following his arrest Wednesday. Bail was denied and a request to extradite him to the neighboring state of New South Wales was approved.
    Dawson's arrest comes months after new evidence, including witness statements, was presented to prosecutors in April, which helped investigators "tie pieces of the puzzle together," New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller told reporters Wednesday.
    Fuller expressed confidence in the strength of the new evidence, which he said included witness statements, despite the fact that police hav