Mueller opened the floodgates on Cohen and Manafort

Washington (CNN)In what has been a slow drip of information on Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, the spigot opened up today with insight on four key players: 

1) Michael Cohen: Southern District of New York investigators today asked the court to impose a "substantial term of imprisonment" for Cohen's various finance-related crimes -- and that Cohen "was motivated ... by personal greed, and repeatedly used his power and influence for deceptive ends."
Why it matters: While prosecutors don't mince words about Cohen -- and stop short of calling him a cooperative witness -- they do say he has been helpful in the investigation, providing "relevant and useful information" on contacts with "persons connected to the White House." Cohen is set to be sentenced next Wednesday.
    2) Paul ManafortManafort lied about five major issues during his cooperation with Mueller's investigation, Mueller's filing said, including his cooperation with administration officials and interaction with a Russian associate.
    Why it matters: We found out last week that Mueller's team accused Manafort of lying, and now we know what they think Manafort was lying about. What Manafort knows has been crucial -- he has long been considered the key to several questions central to Mueller's investigation into Russia and the 2016 campaign. This could now lead to more criminal charges.