A 'super blood wolf moon' and five eclipses are among 2019's major astronomy events

Updated 1731 GMT (0131 HKT) December 28, 2018

(CNN)Stargazers around the world, rejoice! The universe is about to give you an exciting astronomical year.

2019 is featuring five eclipses, a rare planet transit, one of the best meteor showers and a super blood wolf moon, but the fun doesn't stop there.
The new year will also bring three supermoons, a blue moon, multiple meteor showers, close approach by the moon and Jupiter and several rocket launches.
Although we would love to talk about all of the extraordinary occurrences, these are our top events to watch for in the sky in 2019:

January 6: Partial Solar Eclipse

The new year kicks off with an impressive bang, and no, we don't mean fireworks.
In the first week of 2019, the moon will pass between the Earth and sun to stage a partial solar eclipse, NASA reports. Unfortunately, it will be visible only from northeast Asia and the North Pacific, as it will happen around 8:42 p.m. ET in the United States. Sky & Telescope predicts people will see 20% of the sun covered from Beijing, 30% from Tokyo and 37% from Vladivostok, Russia.

January 21: Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

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