British women forced into marriages overseas asked to pay rescue costs

The UK Foreign Office has been criticized for charging victims of forced marriages for their rescue costs.

London (CNN)British women sent overseas by their families for forced marriages are being asked by the UK Foreign Office to pay back their rescue costs, according to an investigation by the UK's Times newspaper.

Victims are in some cases being forced to pay back hundreds of pounds for airfares, food and shelter, in a move criticized by politicians and rights groups.
The Foreign Office said in a statement to CNN that as the rescue costs were from "public funds" it had an "obligation to recover the money in due course."
    In 2017, the Foreign Office helped 27 victims of forced marriages return to the UK, and 55 victims in 2016, according to figures obtained by the Times in a Freedom of Information request.
    The report added that over the past two years, the Foreign Office has lent £7,765 ($9,900) to at least eight victims.
    Roughly £3,000 ($3,825) of this has been repaid -- with debts of more than £4,500 ($5,738) remaining.
    A 10% surcharge is also added to emergency loans not repaid within six months, under Foreign Office terms and conditions.
    Among the victims helped in 2018 were several young British women sent by their families to Somalia, where they were physically abused, the Times said.
    Four of the women told the paper they were charged £740 ($940) each by the Foreign Office and were left all but destitute by the costs.