A teen took his own life after accidentally killing his friend while showing him a handgun, police say

Two teens died Monday in suburban Atlanta, one accidentally and one by suicide, police said.

(CNN)A 15-year-old took his own life after accidentally shooting and killing his friend on New Year's Eve, police in suburban Atlanta said.

Inside a cramped, makeshift shed, Devin Hodges was showing three other boys a handgun Monday afternoon when it accidentally fired, striking Chad Carless, 17, who was sitting next to him, the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Police Department said.
Hodges and the other two teens then left the shed -- and one called 911, police said.
Carless died before help could arrive, but the tragedy didn't end there.
As officers pulled up, Hodges shot himself with the handgun as he ran between two nearby houses, police said.
"Our thoughts are with the families of both these young men," Gwinnett police tweeted Tuesday.