Someone stole a giant bronze hippo, and the owners want it back

This giant bronze hippo was reported stolen from Chilstone Garden Ornaments in Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom.

(CNN)There's a giant bronze hippopotamus missing in England.

The 1,500-pound, 6.5-foot cast bronze sculpture was reported stolen Friday, Kent police said in a news release. The hippo is believed to have been stolen on Wednesday when someone forced their way into Chilstone Garden Ornaments in Tunbridge Wells, police said. Chilstone was founded in 1953 and provides handmade garden ornaments and, according to the business' Facebook page, has created "architectural stonework for some of the UK's most distinguished clientèle for over 60 years."
"We are so sad that someone has stolen our beautiful sculpture," the business said in a Facebook post Saturday. "We love to show artwork as features in our garden and we are so disappointed that someone would take it."
    Police Constable Nick Lingham said the hippo is "extremely heavy" and has previously taken five people to lift.
    "It is clear those responsible would have needed a large vehicle such as a flatbed truck and may have also needed to lift it by mechanical means," Lingham said. "It is a hugely distinctive object and it is unlikely the offenders will find it that easy to sell on as scrap or to a collector. Because of its sheer size we are hoping people may have seen it being transported and also asking members of the public to keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious."